New hospital building in Nicaragua

Construction of hospital

A new hospital is being built in the Nicaraguan capital Managua by a consortium of companies supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs ORIO programme.

Managua is a rapidly growing city, and the need for expanded medical facilities is a natural consequence. The new hospital replaces an old building; it has more beds (320), along with operating theatres, treatment rooms, consultation rooms and modern equipment.

Free high-quality healthcare for everyone

Nicaragua is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti. Yet the level of healthcare is far better than in many other developing countries. This is mainly because in Nicaragua everyone can visit the doctor or a hospital for free. The hospital is being built in the poorer section of Managua so that everyone will have access to proper medical care.

The project

The project envisages the construction of a hospital, the supply and installation of medical equipment, and staff training. In late 2015, construction work began on the hospital itself. The structure is in place and electricity and water are now being installed. Hospital equipment has been ordered and is due to be installed in early 2017. The hospital is expected to be ready in February 2017.

This project has a budget of €50 million, of which €17.3 million is provided by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs ORIO programme. The Nicaraguan government is also providing some of the funding with a loan from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration.


A consortium of companies has been assembled through public tender. The consortium, SGHO, comprises a local construction firm, a local and a Spanish engineering company and an Austrian company, VAMED. VAMED is responsible for delivering, installing and maintaining the equipment and training staff. The research and development phase of the project is being carried out by a Dutch company, SABMed, with support from AMPC.


ORIO is the Facility for Infrastructure Development. ORIO stimulates the development, implementation and exploitation of  well-run public infrastructure projects in developing countries. The ORIO programme has now ceased. Any projects which are already underway will be completed as agreed. DRIVE is the new modified programme for public infrastructure. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( carries out the programmes on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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