Welcome to PPPCafé (postponed)

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PPP cafe

Please note that this event was postponed to a later date.

Public actor engagement is generally assumed to be crucial for the sustainability of PPP interventions as well as for system change. In this first edition of PPPCafé 2017 we invite you to explore the role of the public P in partnerships to better understand the diversity of public Ps (e.g. Dutch public P and local public P) and their respective roles for effectiveness and scale. We from PPPLab will bring to the conversation our insights on engagement strategies and practices from examples in Kenya and Ghana.

Informal space

In the PPPCafé we offer an informal yet substantive venue to whoever enjoys discussing urgent issues related to PPPs in food and water domains. It is about giving space to explore your ideas, experiences and questions. We will have people heavily involved in themes on PPPs sparking the discussions, and a crowd-mixing process so you can talk with like and unlike-minded.

Thoughts, good coffee & drinks

Are you involved in a PPP in the food & water sector or work with PPPs in another way, please join us on 23rd of February. You bring your thoughts, we’ll take care of good coffee & drinks! And we will all walk away with clearer focus, new insights and new contacts within the PPP community.

More information

Register before 17th of February at: info@ppplab.org. More information: PPP LAB.

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