Dutch Surge Support (DSS water)

Two children using clean water pump in flooded area

Dutch water expertise is widely known and Dutch experts are involved in water related projects all over the world. The Dutch government together with the Dutch water sector and the Netherlands Red Cross founded the Dutch Surge Support (DSS water).

With the DSS instrument the Netherlands is able to cover the entire disaster management cycle from mitigation, preparedness and response to recovery.

A Rapid Response to Water Related Disasters

DSS Water responds to the needs during water related disasters around the globe by deploying excellent experts from the Dutch water sector. With this facility the Dutch government and water sector aim to contribute to a better international response to water and sanitation related disasters and in building up knowledge in dealing with these emergencies.

Projects Overview

 DSS water projects, either active on or started after January 2015, can be found at the aiddata.rvo.nl portal. This portal offers an overview of all official development aid (ODA) projects and programmes executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl). You can refine your search by using filter options such as country, sector and programme.

More Information

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