Registration and financial arrangements Energy Executives Training (EET)

Do you wish to register for Energy Executive Training programme or want to find out more about the financial arrangements?


Please fill out this application package (Word) and send it to the Netherlands Embassy in Mexico City.

You'll find the same form in Open Office format under Downloads below.

If you require further information about the Energy Executives Training, contact the Embassy or the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

Netherlands Embassy in MexicoNetherlands Enterprise Agency (

Ms Simone Landhuis
Av. Vasco de Quiroga 3000 – Piso 7     
Mexico City
T: + 52 55 1105 6568 /
+ 52 1 55 5407 9846

Unit International Projects, Missions & Matchmaking
Ms Esther Valstar or Ms Cindy Mooiweer
P.O. Box 93144
2509 AC  The Hague
The Netherlands
T: + 31 (0)88 602 13 83 /
+ 31 (0)88 602 13 48

Profile of participants

EET participants must be:

  • Mexican managers working in the energy sector
  • preferably between 28 and 40 years old, with at least 3 years of (international) management experience
  • required to have an excellent command of English (which will be ‘tested’ by means of a Skype call with the foreseen participants)
  • have graduated from an institution for higher education (Bachelor degree)
  • participants should have the aim to develop business cooperation with Dutch counterparts
  • the maximum amount of managers participating in the programme is 25
  • the programme is also open to managers working in the public sector (civil servants). Up to 5 places are reserved for civil servants


The Netherlands Embassy and will review and approve your application, after which you will be interviewed by Skype. This interview will be conducted in English and will take about half an hour. You will be informed on the outcome of the selection procedure 2 to 4 weeks prior to the start of the basic training programme in Mexico.

Financial arrangements

Full board and lodging will be provided during the training stages of the programme. During the internship, the Dutch host company will provide you housing and meals.

You are responsible for arranging your own transportation and costs to the Netherlands for the 2nd part of the programme. You are also responsible for your own transportation and costs for the first week of training in Mexico.

Insurance will be provided for throughout the programme.


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