Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)

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Energy Investment Allowance

Companies can use the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) to invest in energy-efficient technology and durable energy under favourable fiscal conditions. You can deduct 55.5% of the investment costs from the fiscal profits, on top of your usual depreciation.

As a result, you pay less income tax or company tax. On average, the EIA, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, gives you a 13.5% tax advantage. Alongside this tax advantage, energy efficient investments also ensure you a lower energy bill.


Do you want to know what possibilities there are in your company to save energy with fiscal advantages from the EIA? Then look at the annual Energy List (in Dutch). This is a list of about 150 energy efficient investments (on the Energy List these are called company resources) which you can take advantage of with the EIA. Fiscal deductions are possible for clearly described investments (specific) but also for tailored investments (generic) which provide major savings on energy.


Don’t delay in applying for the EIA: within three months after the commission is given (in writing or verbally).

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More information is available on the Dutch EIA pages.

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