MIA (Environmental Investment Rebate) and Vamil (Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments)

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The MIA (Environmental Investment Rebate) and Vamil (Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments) are two different schemes. Using the MIA\Vamil scheme, you can:

  • invest in environmentally friendly products or company resources with a fiscal advantage;
  • bring innovative environmentally-friendly products onto the market more quickly.

Investing with a fiscal advantage

Through the MIA, you can deduct up to 36% of the investment costs for an environmentally friendly investment from the fiscal profit on the regular depreciation and with the Vamil you yourself may decide when to write off these investment costs. You decide when that happens. This provides you with an advantage in liquidity and interest.

For all entrepreneurs

All Dutch entrepreneurs who pay income or company tax can make use of the MIA\Vamil. The arrangement is interesting for example to entrepreneurs in the agrarian sector, shipping and industry, but also for those who invest in sustainable transport, sustainable recreation and sustainable buildings.

The Environment List

Do you want to know which investments you can use the MIA and/or the Vamil for? Then look at the current Environment List (Dutch). This includes about 270 investments in which you can apply for the MIA and/or the Vamil. These investments (on the Environment List called company resources) are less damaging to the environment and often go further than legal obligations.


It’s easy to apply for the MIA and Vamil. The application procedure is completely digital and via the eLoket (Dutch). You can read under ‘application’ how to submit an application.

Putting environmentally-friendly products on the market more quickly

Have you developed an innovative environmentally-friendly product or company resource that you want to put on the market? Submit your product for the Environment List. Companies (suppliers and entrepreneurs) can make proposals to include a product or company resource in the next Environment List. In order to be considered for this, the environmental investment has to:

  • have a clear yield for the environment;
  • be innovative or still have a smaller market share relative to the alternative;
  • be more expensive than the environmentally-friendly alternative.

A new Environment List appears every year. Investments that comply less with the aims of the MIA\Vamil as a result of technological advances are removed from the list or adapted and new innovative investments are added. Your product may be among them!

You can read more information about submitting products or company resources for the next Environment List at ‘your product on the Environment List’ (Dutch).


For 2016, the sum of 97 million euro is available for MIA and 40 million euro for Vamil. In theory, the schemes are no longer used when the budgets have been exhausted. Since January 2009, it is possible to call on part of the budget for a following year. It’s also possible to transfer excess budgets to the coming year. If there’s a good reason, the Minister of Finance can limit or suspend one or both schemes. This is published in the Dutch government gazette. If you have invested before closure (hence have entered into obligations), you can report these costs at most three months after the investment aid.


MIA and Vamil are schemes run by the Ministries of Finance and Infrastructure & Environment. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Tax and Customs Administration are responsible for running the MIA and Vamil. The Agency provides support in compiling the Environment List and is responsible for technical checks of the applications. The Tax and Customs Administration checks the tax returns and decides whether MIA\Vamil can be applied.

Please find an introduction on the MIA and Vamil schemes in the leaflet below.

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