What is a facilitator?

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Residence permits for foreign start-ups

One of the requirements for obtaining a residence permit is working together with a business mentor: a facilitator.

This cooperation must be officially established in a (signed) agreement between the start-up entrepreneur and the facilitator. The facilitator must have experience in guiding innovative start-ups.

The facilitator provides the entrepreneur with a tailor-made package of support dependent on the specific needs of the start-up. The facilitator can, for example, offer help with operational management, marketing, research and investment acquisition for setting up an innovative business.


Any organisation meeting the conditions may qualify. The facilitator must be trusted and financially sound. On no account can the facilitator be in receivership or bankrupt and may not have negative equity.

The facilitator may not be related to the start-up entrepreneur (up to three times removed; child, parent, grandparent, uncle/aunt).

Recognized facilitators

In connection with the 'Application for the purpose of residence "Start-up" working on a self-employed basis (foreign national)', the following facilitators have been recognized. Please note, this list is not definite. Other organisations than those mentioned below may qualify, as long as they meet the requirements:


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