What conditions must the step-by-step plan meet?

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As a start-up entrepreneur, certain activities must be undertaken to advance an idea into a successful business. Before approving an application, the government must understand what business development activities will take place. The start-up entrepreneur must provide a description of this in a step-by-step plan, containing information relating to:


  • The organisation. The start-up entrepreneur must have an active role. This means he/she is not simply a shareholder or financer. At a minimum, the step-by-step plan must detail the following:

    • the structure of the organisation
    • the assigned roles and tasks
    • the legal form of the company
    • the personnel
    • the purpose of the enterprise.
  • A description of the idea for the product or service and why it is innovative (see Innovativeness)
  • Details of the development activities planned for the first year. A description of the planning and activities for the business; the steps to be carried out in setting up the company.

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