Borssele Wind Farm Site V, Innovation Site

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The Borssele Wind Farm Zone consists of 5 sites that will collectively generate 1400 MW of energy by 2020. Of this area, Sites I and II (700 MW) have been awarded to DONG Energy Borssele 1 B.V. Sites III and IV (680 MW) have been awarded to Blauwwind II c.v., a consortium of Eneco, Diamond Generation Europe (a 100% subsidiary of Mitsubishi), Shell and Van Oord. Site V (20 MW) has been specificially designated as an Innovation Site.

Borssele Wind Farm Site V, Innovation Site

Of the Borssele Wind Farm Zone, Site V has been designated as an innovation site. Borssele Wind Farm Site V is a small site that is mainly situated within Site III of the Borssele Wind Farm Zone. With this innovation site the Dutch Government aims to achieve:
  • opportunities for entrepreneurs based in the Netherlands to test and demonstrate advanced technologies (showcase);
  • a contribution to wind energy cost reduction;
  • a contribution to the Dutch economy: widening of the market and export potential for Dutch companies;
  • an increase of knowledge in the Netherlands by engaging small and medium-sized enterprises and knowledge institutes in developing the wind farm.

Draft Regulation and amendment of the SDE Decision

In the autumn of 2017 will organise a tender for Site V, where requests can be submitted for investment grants, operating grants, permits as well as connections to the offshore grid of TenneT.The SDE Decision will be amended and the Regulation for Innovation of offshore wind energy will be drawn up. Both will serve as a legal framework for grants and permits. The tender is expected to run from around 1 October 2017 until January 2018.

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