Borssele Wind Farm Sites I & II

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Borssele Wind Farm Sites I & II

On 5 July the subsidy and permits for the Borssele Wind Farm Sites I and II were awarded to DONG Energy Borssele 1 B.V. There were 38 bids in total, with Danish offshore wind developer, DONG Energy Borssele 1 B.V., submitting the winning bid. The wind farms are expected to be completed in mid-2020 and are to be built more than 22 kilometres off the coast of the province of Zeeland.

Tender applicants Borssele I and II

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has decided to publish the names of applicants only in alphabetical order. Contrary to earlier announcements, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will not publish a list in order of the auction prices.

The reason is that the Netherlands Enterprise Agency received several tenders from DONG Energy A/S subsidiaries (BVs under incorporation). By providing a ranking list in the order of the auction prices, DONG Energy A/S could possibly calculate auction prices of other applicants. Applicants’ bids are confidential and commercially sensitive. By publishing the list in the order of the auction prices, the Netherlands Enterprise could possibly be giving DONG Energy A/S an advantage and in doing so, putting other companies at a disadvantage.

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