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Copyright protection concerns works of literature, science and art. Examples to which copyright protection applies include: texts, works of art, instructions for use, brochures, videos and other promotional materials, photographs, ornaments, drawings, scale models and constructions.

The copyright belongs to the producer, up to 70 years after his or her death. By producing a literary, scientific or artistic work, you can claim the copyright straight away, but your work will only be secure once a court judgment has been passed.
A copyright can be obtained free of charge and offers worldwide protection. For information, visit the website of the Foundation for Copyright Interests (website only in Dutch).
Copyright also includes:

  • Neighbouring rights

Neighbouring rights belong to the following groups: performing artists, producers of phonograms, film producers and broadcasting organisations.
Neighbouring rights offer protection for performances by the above-mentioned groups, being:

  • the performance
  • the phonogram
  • the film
  • the broadcast

The name 'neighbouring' indicates the relationship that exists between these rights and the copyright. The neighbouring rights are created automatically and are valid for 50 years.

  • Database rights

Databases can be protected by means of a database right and by means of copyright. The database right protects the producer of the database against retrieval or re-use of a substantial part of the database. This right also prohibits the milking of a database. To obtain protection, a substantial investment must be made to build the database.
The exclusive right accrues to the producer; the party who has made the investment in order to create the database and therefore has taken the financial risk (often the client). Protection is given in no set form, and the database is protected for up to 15 years after production. The 15 years can be renewed if an existing database is substantially changed in a qualitative or quantitative sense.
Relation to copyright
If the database has an original structure, this structure is protected by copyright. In that case, the structure is a work that enjoys copyright protection.

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