Closed Funds

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Tanzanian schoolgirls carrying water buckets on their head
Netherlands Enterprise Agency has several closed funds under management commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
  • LS&H4D
    Life Science & Health for Development (LS&H4D) The Life Sciences & Health for Development Fund encourages public/private collaboration in the life-sciences sector. The fund aims to tackle poverty on a structural level by increasing the health status of poorer population groups in developing countries.
  • PSI
    The Private Sector Investment programme (PSI) is designed to support Dutch (or foreign) business investments in emerging markets, in cooperation with local businesses. The programme stimulates innovative pilot projects in commercial sectors, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the local private sector. This programme is closed and applications are no longer accepted.
  • ORIO
    Facility for Infrastructure Developments (ORIO) is a facility intended to contribute to the development, implementation, operation, and maintenance of public infrastructure in developing countries.

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