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Sustainable Biomass

Sustainable Biomass

The demand for energy is increasing globally and fossil-fuel stocks are diminishing. Diversification of energy sources is necessary to provide for this increasing demand. The Netherlands is stimulating the use of biomass as a raw material for energy and chemistry.

The Netherlands Programmes for Sustainable Biomass (NPSB) bundle the knowledge from the biomass-project portfolio of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and fill the knowledge gap with supplementary research.

On this website you can find information about the progress of the biomass projects and about all knowledge that is yielded by these projects and by the supplementary research. On this website project implementers can also find the necessary forms and guidelines of the programmes. It is no longer possible to request a subsidy within the Sustainable Biomass Import and Global Sustainable Biomass programmes.

Sustainable biomass essential for a bio-based economy

There are global agreements to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, which is largely the result of the use of fossil fuels. All renewable energies - wind, water, solar and bio-energy - will have to contribute to these challenging targets. The biomass used for bio-energy has to be sustainable.  In addition to its use for energy purposes, biomass is becoming increasingly important for other applications, for example in the chemicals industry. The Netherlands is encouraging the use of biomass as a basis for a bio-based economy.

Sustainable biomass offers opportunities

The growing global demand for biomass is creating opportunities for socio-economic development in producing countries and opportunities for trade and industry. Through sustainable production of biomass, bearing in mind local circumstances, this can generate an extra income for farmers. Sustainable implementation can also combat competition with food production, deforestation and undesired effects in land-use change.

Gaining experience with sustainable biomass

Through various regulations and programmes, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency facilitates and stimulates projects and supplementary research in order to gain experience in the production and certification of sustainable biomass. The Netherlands Programmes for Sustainable Biomass bundle the knowledge from the biomass-project portfolio of the Agency and fill the knowledge gaps with supplementary research. In addition to that, the experience of other programmes and parties is used. The knowledge from these projects is used to strengthen the framework for the production of sustainable biomass and found with practical experience. This knowledge and network is used to support policy development by the Dutch government and other governments, specifically in developing countries.

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