Reinventing Multifunctionality

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The Netherlands perform as a 'Sustainable Urban Delta'. The cooperation between the government, private sector, and knowledge institutes to commonly tackle challenges has been pivotal in safeguarding the sustainable development of the Dutch delta. A way to manage these challenges is multifunctionality: combining goals, sharing means and linking interests.

The publication Reinventing Multifunctionality demonstrates how we can begin with what is already there: people’s qualities, areas, products and services. This publication also tries to explain the reinvention of multifunctionality.

Multifunctionality is more than just a couple of functions on the same spot; they reinforce one another. We show that many ways have already been found, and we want to inspire and challenge people to seek new ways, by actually starting to practise multifunctionality.

For whom?

The publication is meant as an inspiration source for governments, professionals, companies and everyone who is concerned about the liveability, sustainability and safety in his own environment and worldwide.

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