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Making a positive impact with bio-solutions

This is a video on the 'Developing a Low-Carbon Coffee Value-Chain in Kericho' project in Kenya. The project trains farmers in sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture. Soil fertility and biodiversity improve as farmers grow other crops besides coffee plants. Because of the different crops, the farmers have a year-round income. The project is committed to a living income for the project farmers. Besides a higher income from coffee and other crops, the cooperatives buy the coffee directly from the farmers. This way, farmers get a better price and get their money faster. The project pursues fair value distribution of the chain, with 50% of the value remaining in Kenya. The newly set up coffee roastery in Nairobi also packages the beans. Ultimately, the project's impact will be visible through a blockchain platform. RVO is supporting this programme through the SDG Partnership Facility (SDGP).

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