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New SDG 7 Results tender

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    Are you an organisation,
    NGO or financial institute

    providing access
    to renewable energy?

    Do you want to expand
    to low-income customers

    in developing countries

    The SDG7 results tender
    from the Dutch Government
    could help.

    Let us take a look at how.


    Sophie Odupoy

    KOKO sells a low-cost
    two-burner cooker stove

    that is fueled using ethanol.
    So it is a clean cooking solution.

    KOKO applied for the tender
    from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency

    because we wanted to accelerate the uptake of our KOKO cooker amongst the low income consumers.

    By nature they do not trust.

    For them to buy something,
    they really have to trust.

    They do not have money
    to waste, so to speak.

    So for us it is more expensive
    to demonstrate value

    because it is about reaching
    these people one-on-one.



    Frederique Sheridan

    Our first main products
    are the solar home systems

    and that means a simple kit
    with two lights and a phone charger

    and a radio or 6, 8 or 10 lights
    with a phone charger.

    We are based in
    Thies, 70 km from Dakar.

    Last year we wrote a proposal
    to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency

    to extend our work in
    the far east part of Senegal.

    It would be very hard for me to go there.
    All the way from Thies to there, it is about 800 km.

    And it would be very expensive
    just to start from scratch.

    So we can, with the help
    from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency

    to also give those people
    access to energy.



    Building trust is a process.

    So how did we do that?

    Who was the trusting agent
    that we identified?

    The local shopkeeper who
    they buy from everyday.

    So we went to the shopkeepers
    within the low-income areas

    and we have identified them as
    agents of KOKO cookers and KOKO fuel.

    There is someone. There is a face,
    there is a person they can actually talk to.


    The tender SDG7 results
    works with Result Based Financing.

    Payment is made afterwards
    based on pre-agreed results.

    KPMG carries out
    the verification process.

    So far SDG7 results reached
    more than 500,000 people.

    With this chance of the tender
    from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency,

    we could speed up our
    development in the rural east side of Senegal.

    For us, any mechanism
    that enables us

    to get charcoal and dirty fuels out
    of consumers' hands is a win for us.

    The tender for us was important
    because it enabled us

    to accelerate reaching
    the low-income consumers.

SDG 7 Results has a new tender. This video features entrepreneurs that have received support from SDG 7 Results. They sell products that give people access to renewable energy services.

For more information about SDG 7 Results, visit the SDG 7 Results page.

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