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PIB summary video

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    Do you want to do business abroad?
    Are you confronted with trade barriers?
    Do you need a strong network abroad?

    With Partners for International Business, join the government, other companies and knowledge institutions and enter foreign markets.

    The co-operation between all parties, the so-called golden triangle, is essential for doing business abroad. Join PIB if you want to expand your network, increase visibility, and make a better impact on a foreign market.

    The Dutch government is a reliable and neutral partner that offers help for your business abroad.

    Our network consists of embassies, consulates and Netherlands Business Support Offices worldwide. Our network has access to local networks that are less or not accessible to the corporate world.

    The government can help you open the right doors.

    In many countries, you have to show up frequently to build and strengthen new relationships.
    With PIB, you choose a strategic approach to last for years.

    Together with the Dutch government and other entrepreneurs, you develop a tailor-made action plan for 2 to 3 years.

    A local liaison can build a network for the Dutch parties.

    The government spends a total amount of 350,000 euros for the development of PIB activities. The funding is not a subsidy but can be used to organise activities that contribute to better market access for the Dutch business.

    You apply for PIB together with a cluster of companies. You apply for PIB together with a cluster of companies. Develop an action plan together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the embassy. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the participating companies and the PIB programme takes off.