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What is Support International Business?

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    As an entrepreneur with the ambition and capacity to enter the international market, you see opportunities abroad.

    So, exporting is the next step in letting your business grow.

    How can RVO assist you with that?

    With the Support International Business or SIB subsidy, RVO offers you financial support to get started in a structural and socially responsible way in your country of export.

    For instance, you can use SIB to help you find business partners or potential buyers.

    Or for support in legal and fiscal matters in the country of export.

    You can also apply for SIB to get advice when you want to position or establish yourself abroad.

    To submit an application for SIB, first check which component best suits your needs.

    Then apply for the subsidy.

    If you meet the conditions, you will be awarded the subsidy.

    Realise your international ambitions and apply for Support International Business!

    Would you like more information? Check out the possibilities on our website.

This video explains what the Support International Business subsidy is, and how entrepreneurs can use this to enhance their international business.

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