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The Lab is an inspiring place with like-minded people who have the ambition to start a successful business or want to extend their existing business in the areas of Internet, mobile applications, software and games. We invest early stage capital and have a network of investors who we form syndicates with. With our European network of tech hubs we make it easy for our portfolio companies to scale internationally.

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We are long-term investors (open-end fund) and have the knowledge to help companies scale up from zero to millions of turnover. As investors with substantial financial risk we understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Our strategy is focused on value-based investment, not speculation.
We balance our portfolio with companies in different stages so our portfolio companies can benefit from each other's knowledge and networks. We are constantly expanding our international network of tech hubs within and outside Europe. This network helps our participants to tap into the international growth potential.

Target group

Strong teams are the foundation of every successful startup. As a consequence, that is one of the most important criteria for us. If you believe you have the team that can make a difference, reach out to us and we will help you get to the next level. We are always open to invest in new markets although hardware is not our cup of tea. The time-to-market does not fit our 18 month-programme.

Selection criteria

Crosspring selects its startups mostly based on the following criteria:
  • Scalability
  • Technology - market fit
  • International potential
  • Potential of premium margins
  • Time to market

Intended results

We are passionate about helping tech companies to start and scale up. The Dutch market is a great market to start or scale your tech company. Within our programme we will open up our network of partners in the Netherlands and abroad to increase the chances of success. The milestones we agree upon will help your team to get the most out of our collaboration. 


Some of our portfolio companies are:
Crypto currency / blockchain technology
Augmented reality
Publishing technologies
Ticketing for events
Employee cycling concept
Clothing advice for men


We have an international network of investors, coaches et cetera. Our headquarters is based in the Netherlands. For additional information you can reach out to:
Maurice Beckand Verwee
The business person
Ian den Hartog
The tech person

Contact details

You can send your pitch deck to our mail address or upload your application via this form.
Crosspring Lab BV
Bleiswijkseweg 37c
2712 PB Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)79 - 744 00 87

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