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Finding a facilitator

One of the conditions of the start-up residence permit is that you work together with a business mentor: a facilitator. The start-up entrepreneur and the facilitator must establish their partnership in a (signed) agreement.

The facilitator provides the start-up entrepreneur with a tailor-made package of support depending on the specific needs of the start-up entrepreneur. The facilitator may, for example, help with operational management. They may also help with marketing, research and investing acquisition for setting up an innovative business.  


The facilitator must meet certain conditions:
  • The facilitator must have experience in guiding innovative start-ups.
  • The facilitator must be financially stable.
  • The facilitator may not, in any case, be in receivership or bankrupt and must have no negative equity.
  • The facilitator may not have a majority interest in the start-up company.
  • The facilitator may not be a family member up to the third degree. This means they cannot be a child, parent, grandparent or aunt/uncle of the start-up entrepreneur.

Recognised facilitators

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