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Food security


Climate change causes droughts and flooding. This can have serious consequences for food production in vulnerable regions. The growing world population calls for a change in the ways we produce food. As a market leader in agrifood and high-tech food production, we can help with sustainable and creative solutions to increase food security.

Get advice on your food security project idea

Would you like to help increase food security around the world? Do you have an innovative idea for a food security project? Consult our advisors, they are happy to help you and offer advice.

Funding for food security projects in developing countries

There are many innovative and sustainable food security projects in developing countries thinkable. Your project could be about food insecurity, food security and climate change, nutrition and sustainable agriculture or with a focus on food security as a human right.

Find funding for your food security project.

Contributing to the SDGs

Food security projects contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG 2: zero hunger
  • SDG 13: climate action.

Stay informed

Visit AidData for an overview of projects that we carry out in the field of development cooperation. You can filter by location, sector and programme, among others.

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