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Financing your business

At some point, your company might need funding to achieve new business goals. Whether you are a healthy full-grown company or a starter. However, many business owners do not know what the possibilities are. And how much they need or can ask for.

Government funding opportunities in the Netherlands

There are several financing options. Besides crowdfunding and bank loans, the government too offers financial support to entrepreneurs. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports your ambitions with financing, advice, and our networks. The funding opportunities we offer, are:

Advice on funding

For advice on tailor-made financing, you can contact our advisors. They will help you determine the best options to finance your company. Get in touch with our customer service, and they will put you in contact with an advisor.

Partners & Network

Get to know other entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions through our network or meetings. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency's foreign network supports you in international business, investments, research, and cooperation.

  • Subsidies & Programmes

    Do you want to grow your business? Or, develop a collaborative project for sustainable development? The Netherlands Enterprise Agency offers financial support in the form of subsidies and programmes.

  • COVID-19 Government funding

    The Dutch government is taking action to help businesses that have financial problems due to the COVID-19 crisis. Have a look what specific funding options there are.

  • Funding and advice for your starup

    Do you want to start a business in the Netherlands? We offer government funding, advice and an international network to startups and scaleups.