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Business growth: time to scale-up

Business growth is hard as it is. Scaling up your business is not an easy phase. There is quite a difference between a company that grows and a company that is ready to scale-up. If you grow your business gradually it becomes bigger in stages. It can mean more customers, more office space, more staff and more challenges. Scaling up is about taking your company to the next level.

The growth of your company will not go up in a straight line, it grows in all directions. With good targets and a business growth plan you can manage the process. And for example by, hiring the right professionals, controlling the costs, create focus and enough funding.

Business growth opportunities

The first step for a scaleup in the making is to identify your business growth opportunities. You can do that by doing market research: ask yourself in which countries or segments you want to operate. And which new products you aim to develop by doing Research & Development. Analyse the market, find your competitors are. And make a strategy for your company.

Business growth funding

To finance your scaleup plans, you might need funding. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency offers different funding options for your business plans. For example, tax credits for research and development. Find out more about the subsidies and programmes and your best options in our subsidy guide.

  • Find a growth market with our research tools

    Moving your company forward may require some research tools. Doing proper research can help you get a better understanding of the market and they can give better insights on how to recognise a good business partner.

  • Research & Development

    Innovation can be of great importance for the competitive position of your company. R&D helps you grow and save money. Take some time to see if you can reserve a part of your annual budget for research & development (R&D).

  • Find new business partners

    When your business is growing, you might want to consider teaming up with a business partner. A partnership offers many benefits. Like having shared resources and different talents and experience.