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Journalists' Programme


We organise about 12 press visits each year for a group of 8 journalists per visit. The Journalists’ Programme is open to:

  • Writers of magazines and blogs;
  • Newspaper journalists;
  • Radio and TV crews.

A press visit may last up to 3 days. Journalists' programmes are related to state visits and economic trade missions. His Majesty King Willem-Alexander or one of our ministers chairs these programmes. With the Journalists' Programme, we aim to create more attention for state visits and missions.

We organise Journalists' Programmes on 3 occasions:

  1. A state visit or economic trade mission. You will meet with our King or one of the accompanying ministers. We will introduce you to the topics relevant to the state visit or trade mission, the sectors and some of the companies that co-organise the mission.
  2. When one of our embassies sends in a proposal for a media tour on a special occasion. Embassies play an important role in the relations between the Netherlands and another country.
  3. A special event that takes place in the Netherlands.