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Coronavirus: consequences for patent granting in the Netherlands


The governmental guidelines concerning COVID-19 also have consequences for patent applicants and patent holders.

During the current partial lockdown, the quality of the services provided by the Netherlands Patent Office remains up to standard. Read how the coronavirus affects our services and how you can reach us.

Accessibility Netherlands Patent Office

The Netherlands Patent Office is accessible by e-mail, mail or telephone. We have listed all the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers:

Patent management
+31 88 042 66 56

For questions about:

  • Annuities;
  • Priority documents;
  • Deeds;
  • PCT applications;
  • Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs).

European validations
+31 88 042 65 55

+31 88 042 63 33

+31 88 042 66 56

Public information

Electronic filing

Do you want to file patent documents? Preferably use our online filing software or the eLoket. You can find out how to do this on (in Dutch). There you will also find an explanation of how to use the eLoket and how to log in.

Requests for restoration, appeal and Supplementary protection certificates

You will continue to receive letters, requests and certificates as PDF attachment by e‐mail.
You can submit SPC applications and certificates by e-mail. You do not need to send the original documents.


Via the MyPage web module all correspondence sent by the Netherlands Patent Office can be downloaded. We advise you to consult your file regularly for new documents or updates.

Sign up to use MyPage

  • You register the smart card as follows:
  • place the smart card in the smart card holder that is linked to your PC;
  • check whether the smart card is visible in the browser you have selected;
  • go to the MyPage portal;
  • click to the right of the MyPage block on 'Read more';
  • click on 'Register your SmartCard' to register your new card;


  • click on 'Renew / Replace your Smartcard' to replace your card.

The card is now registered at the Netherlands Patent Office. You will receive an e-mail with further instructions when you first register.

Correspondence via MyPage

At the moment you can receive the following types of letters from the Netherlands Patent Office via MyPage:

  • Confirmation and formal defects letters in the NL applications
  • Removal formal defects letters in NL applications
  • Search reports in NL applications
  • Register and grant letters in NL applications
  • Letters in European validations
  • Correspondence in SPC applications
  • Letters in PCT applications

For more information about MyPage, please send an email to


After the coronavirus outbreak, backlogs developed on various types of hearings. The Netherlands Patent Office has to stop backlogs from growing any further. So, we will continue coronavirus-proof in-person hearings in a limited number. We will organise these hearings at our office at: Prinses Beatrixlaan 2 in The Hague. For health reasons, we will be holding most hearings in writing or online via video conferencing.

First instance hearings

Oral hearings are very suitable for video conferencing as the number of participants is low. We will ask parties that receive a notification of intent to reject, to explain their preference for an oral hearing in writing. We will send a final decision about the method of hearing afterwards.

We understand that not all cases are suitable for video conferencing. Parties that prefer an in-person hearing must first explain their preference in writing.

Please note that hearings are limited to 4 people, including the case handler(s) from the Netherlands Patent Office.

Objection hearings

Objection hearings via video conferencing are also possible. We will ask parties to explain their preference for a video hearing in writing.

The objections committee consists of 3 people. Only 1 authorised representative is allowed to attend the in-person objection hearing. The total number of people allowed in the room is limited to 4, including staff members from the Netherlands Patent Office.

Advisory hearings

As the number of people at an advisory hearing is always more than 4, it is not possible to organise such a hearing at our office. We are looking at possibilities to organise these hearings online via video conferencing.

Health measures at the Netherlands Patent Office

Those present in the court room must keep 1.5 metres apart from one another. Court rooms have been designated as public indoor space. This also means that anyone present is urgently requested to wear a face mask, also during the proceedings. Please bring your own face mask.

Online hearings

We use Cisco Webex Meetings for online hearings. To find out how to install this software, please visit the Webex website. Hearings can also be held with another software tool. Consult your case handler to make arrangements.

More about our hearings

If you would like more information about hearings, including online hearings, please contact the Netherlands Patent Office at or call us on +31 88 042 63 33.

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