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Economic opportunities - offshore wind energy


In addition to the necessary green power, offshore wind energy also offers economic opportunities – for example, by combining offshore wind energy generation and green hydrogen production.

A large domestic market offers the Dutch offshore wind energy sector the opportunity to develop its expertise further.

Making industry more sustainable

Offshore wind energy plays a key role in reducing industrial CO2-emissions. It provides large amounts of renewable (clean) electricity for the electrification of industrial processes.

It also provides energy for the production of green hydrogen through electrolysis. Electrification is one of the main opportunities for energy-intensive industry to reduce CO2-emissions. The sustainability improvement plans of the coastal industry clusters therefore play a decisive role in the roll-out of offshore wind energy.

Linking the demand for energy and the supply of offshore wind energy is extremely important to make Dutch industry more sustainable. In order to prevent bottlenecks in the construction of the necessary infrastructure, national government is taking the lead with the Multi-year Energy and Climate Infrastructure Programme (MIEK).

In consultation with industrial and infrastructure managers, national government wants to develop a strategic vision for a strong energy infrastructure to make industry more sustainable.

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