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The Patent Guild is intended for lecturers, programme managers and other employees in higher education. It is a platform for those who want to make patents a bigger part of their curriculum.

Educational institutions are becoming more and more interested in intellectual property rights, such as patent/branding rights and copyrights. Knowledge about intellectual property is essential. It can save students, lecturers and administrators both time and money. The Patent Guild is an initiative of the Netherlands Patent Office.

Who is the Patent Guild for?

The Patent Guild is mainly for lecturers and programme managers at universities of applied sciences and research universities. However, anyone who would like to learn more about the usefulness of patents or wants to include them in their curriculum is welcome to join.

What does the Patent Guild do?

The Patent Guild gives its members a platform to share their experiences with intellectual property (IP). This allows education and training institutions to benefit from each other’s knowledge. Join our LinkedIn group.

See our calendar for an overview of all workshops and masterclasses organised by the Netherlands Patent Office. The Patent Guild also organises frequent seminars for its members.

Contact us about the Patent Guild

Would you like to learn more about the Patent Guild? Please contact our account manager for universities of applied sciences via the public information department. Call +31 (0)88 042 40 02.

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