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Patents & Intellectual Property

Patents and Intellectual Property Rights

Do you have a great, innovative idea that you want to protect from competitors? Or are you looking for information about patents and other intellectual property rights? Netherlands Patent Office offers you information, advice and tools to help you get and maintain a patent or other ways to protect your new idea or product.

Patents and small and medium-sized businesses

Of course you want to protect a great, innovative idea from someone stealing it. We help you with information and advice on how to get and maintain a patent or an other intellectual property right for your idea or product. We can also help you search in patent databases and registers.
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Patents and education

University students, teachers or researchers often work with new, innovative technological developments. We give you the information and tools to learn more or teach about patents and other intellectual property rights.
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Patents professionals

Netherlands Patent Office also helps patent professionals learn more about patent law. We offer a lot of information on Dutch, European, case law in patent rights and patent literature, and publications.
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  • How to apply for a patent

    You decide if you want to apply for a patent. You have to do so yourself. Your application must meet a number of requirements.

  • You own a patent

    To maintain a patent, you have to pay fees. You must also ensure that your details are correctly registered. There are a few ways to deal with infringements on your patent. Do you know how to make money with your patent?

  • Patents and databases

    It takes time and money to develop a product. It is important to know that you are not inventing something that already exists. Every patent granting authority has a register in which you can find the status of a patent.

  • How to search in databases

    Searching in patent registers and patent database Espacenet is not easy. We can help you search for patents in the databases and registers with search advice and workshops. All our patent officers have a duty of confidentiality.

  • General information about patents and IP rights

    Do you know what kind of intellectual property rights there are? Or how they are regulated by law? The Netherlands Patent Office offers you information, advice and tools to help you get and maintain a patent.