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General information about patents

Do you know what kind of intellectual property rights there are? Or how they are regulated by law? The Netherlands Patent Office implements the different national and international patenting regulations in the Netherlands. It also provides products and services. Maybe you are interested in the history of patents in the Netherlands?

More information about patents

There are several intellectual property rights. Examples are patents, copyright, and trademarks. They entitle you to block others to benefit from your invention without your permission.

Patent protection in the Netherlands is regulated by law in the Dutch Patent Act 1995, which came into force 1 April 1995. Until that time the Patent Act 1910 was in force.

Patents have been around for centuries, also in the Netherlands. Knowing more about the history and background of patents may give you a better understanding of the current patents system in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Patent Office is a department of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. An agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. We implement national and international patenting regulations in the Netherlands.