Innovation credit

Credit schemes

You have an innovative idea. You see opportunities for a new product in the market. You have the knowledge, vision and ambition, but you lack the financial clout. You are looking for a partner who wants to invest in a project that is promising but also involves high risks. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy can help you by supplying a direct loan that enables you to finance part of the project costs.

Funding in the early phase

With the innovation credit the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy gives SMEs financial support for risky innovation projects. In this way the government fills the gap in the capital market in a phase where entrepreneurs are busy getting things going, but have not yet generated returns.

Technological innovation

For this scheme, only those projects are eligible which are technologically innovative and unique to the Netherlands, Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. For this reason, you are required to explain in detail the technical challenge involved and to approach the project systematically and according to a plan. Its technical feasibility needs to be established and all activities up to and including the testing of prototypes must be able to be supported.

Get inspired

Are you interested in reading the stories of entrepreneurs who successfully applied for Innovation credit? See how they utilized funding to grow their business. In these showcases you will read how various people used Innovation credit when their business was just starting.

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More information: Innovatiekrediet (in Dutch).

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