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3 funds open for more sustainable production chains

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Published on: 17 February 2020 | Changed on: 26 March 2020

Are you working for a business, NGO or knowledge institution? Do you want to make production chains in developing countries more sustainable? There are 3 funds opening that can help you. Submit your project proposal and find out if you qualify for a subsidy.

Working together

The issues that affect international production chains are often complex. Dutch businesses usually are one link in the chain. Especially in developing countries, it is difficult to get information about production conditions. Moreover, issues that affect the production chain cannot always be solved by one business. That is why different parties in the sector have to work together.

Tackling the causes

Entrepreneurs that want to make their production chains more sustainable, do not have to think of a new way to make it happen. We manage 3 funds that promote a complete approach for corporate social responsibility and improve the sustainability of production chains:

  • The Fund for Responsible Business (FVO) offers financial support for reviewing the production chain. FVO will close on 30 September 2020.
  • The Fund against Child Labour (FBK) offers the opportunity to research and take action against child labour in the production chain. FBK will close on 5 November 2020.
  • The European Partnership for Responsible Minerals (EPRM) offers financial support for activities that improve responsible mining practices in mining areas in conflict-affected and high-risk areas. EPRM receives your application for a subsidy until 1 September 2020. The deadline for a quick scan is 15 June 2020.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency offers help

Many entrepreneurs have benefited from our financial support, advice and knowledge. For example, to conduct a chain review for the presence of child labour in the production chain. Or to prepare an action plan to introduce a living wage in supplier production facilities.

Would you like to know more?

Do you want to know how to submit your project proposals for one of these 3 schemes? Feel free to contact one of our project advisors.