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6 promising project ideas selected in second round LAND-at-scale

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Published on: 27 July 2020 | Changed on: 28 July 2020

The second round of LAND-at-scale resulted in 24 ideas submitted by 19 Dutch embassies. The LAND-at-scale Committee selected 6 most promising ideas to develop further. 

LAND-at-scale is a government programme that contributes to improving land governance. The programme supports economic development, peace and stability in developing countries. It also contributes to sustainable incomes, social justice, and better food and nutrition security.

Selecting the most promising ideas

In June, the international LAND-at-scale Committee met online to discuss and assess the ideas from the second round. The Committee consists of independent land experts and representatives from different departments at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The members advise on the content and scaling strategy of each of the ideas. The Committee selects the ideas that are most promising to develop into projects. Projects are selected based on advice given by the Committee and the criteria mentioned in the LAND-at-scale Programme Document.

Outcome and next steps

The most promising ideas come from Brazil, eastern DRC, Iraq, Malaysia, South Africa and Sri Lanka. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has contacted these embassies. The next steps to further develop the projects will be discussed as soon as capacity and resources allow it. We have also contacted all other embassies that submitted ideas to share comments and advice from the Committee. These embassies may consider submitting their ideas again if there are new LAND-at-scale rounds for ideas, taking the advice into account.

First round of ideas in 2019

The first round of ideas was completed last year. As a result, LAND-at-scale projects are now being developed in 17 countries. In January 2020, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency released a second round. The large number of new ideas submitted in this second round shows a continued interest in the LAND-at-scale programme.

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