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Access to energy: SDG 7 selects 12 new projects

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Published on: 4 June 2020 | Changed on: 15 December 2020

In support of SDG7, universal access to energy, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency has selected proposals from 12 private companies. These companies aim to expand their markets with basic energy services for more remote or poorer customers in developing countries.

The SDG7 Results facility uses Results-Based Financing. This means that SDG7 payments are made to companies afterwards. Payments are based on the number of people who have gained access to renewable energy technologies and services. Before payment, sales will be verified independently by international accountancy and advice organisation KPMG.

Contributing to Dutch ambitions

André van Ommeren MBA, Member of the Board International Programmes at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency: “Results-Based Financing provides incentives to energy access companies with innovative business models for reaching out to poorer households. With the selected projects, we believe we have a strong group of partners. They will significantly contribute to the Dutch ambitions of providing energy access for at least 50 million people in 2030.”

The 12 winning projects were selected as the best among 43 proposals submitted to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. They have a joint maximum subsidy budget of 14.2 million euros. The projects have activities in 9 countries, including household solar technologies and clean cooking solutions.

Reaching a poorer part of the market

Of the projects, 5 focus on bringing electricity to rural households. This will be done by setting up distribution structures for modern solar systems in geographically underserved areas. One project aims to bring electricity access to poor households in urban slums. The other 7 projects focus on providing clean energy for cooking, through improved designs for cookstoves or cleaner fuels like ethanol and biogas.

The selected projects use innovative business models. These often include consumer financing solutions to reach out to a significantly poorer part of the market than the selected companies are used to. Geographically, 3 projects, focussing on electric access, are situated in the western Sahel. 6 projects, mostly focussing on cooking energy, are in eastern Africa and the last 3 are situated on the Indian subcontinent.

The projects

CompanyTechnologyTitleCountryNumber of connections
LagazelPlug & play small solar home systemsIncrease energy access in the Sahel region with high quality locally manufactured solar productsSenegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger5,000
ATEC Australia IntlBiodigester fuelled cookingAccess to Clean Energy (ACE) BangladeshBangladesh19,879
Pollinate GroupSolar Lanterns and Plug &play small Solar Home systemsEmpowering women to connect households in extreme poverty with affordable clean energyIndia53,000
LiveliHoodsClean CookstovesBringing clean energy on credit to the base of the pyramid households across Kenya through a sales force of disadvantaged youth and womenKenya23,150
African Clean Energy BV (ACE)Forced ventilation clean cookstoves/pico PV HybridScaling up distribution of hybrid clean energy systems in off-grid, rural Uganda and KenyaUganda, Kenya46,000
PawamePlug & play small solar home systemsPawame expansion and deepening in underserved and disadvantaged areas of KenyaKenya15,992
Greenway Grameen InfraClean CookstovesClean cookstoves  manufacturing and salesIndia210,000
Burn Manufacturing Kenya LtdClean CookstovesCooking made affordable and efficient in rural Kenya (CAER)Kenya120,000
Omnium Mali SAPlug & play small solar home systemsEnergy + SAMali13,200
Grean World Energy Saving Device manufacturing Ltd.Clean CookstovesMarketing of clean cookstovesEthiopia120,000
Vitalite Senegal SARLPlug & play small solar home systemsAccelerating the uptake of affordable Solar home systems in the Matam, Tambacounda and Kedougou regions of SenegalSenegal5,000
KOKO NetworksEthanol cookstovesDIB supporting KOKO networks clean ethanol cooking for peri-urban and near rural households in KenyaKenya250,000

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