Building bridges and connecting communities in Guinea |

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Building bridges and connecting communities in Guinea

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Motorcycle over wooden bridge in Guinea.
Published on: 10 May 2021 | Changed on: 17 May 2021

Guinea and the Netherlands are working together to build 5 bridges in the Conakry and Coyah region. This infrastructure project will improve the region's access to the rest of the country. It will give the community better access to social facilities and jobs. This will benefit the local economy.

The Conakry region lies between wide river mouths and deep ravines. Although the views are spectacular, these natural barriers isolate the villages and their communities. There is only one road crossing the ravines. This delays incoming and outgoing traffic, making the villages hard to reach.

The 5 bridges will improve the connection between the towns and villages. They will also boost the livelihood of the local community. The bridges give them access to jobs, markets, hospitals, and other social facilities.

Donation agreement

The Guinean Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs and the Dutch embassy in Dakar signed a €30 million donation agreement in April 2021. With this donation, the 2 countries can start building a safe connection for the people of Conakry and Coyah. The new bridges and roads are part of an extensive infrastructure plan for Conakry and Coyah. The project costs €60 million and will be completed by 2024.

Development Related Infrastructure Investment Vehicle

This bridge project received financial support from the Development Related Infrastructure Investment Vehicle (DRIVE) programme. With this programme, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs facilitates investments in infrastructure projects that contribute to a good business climate and entrepreneurship. DRIVE promotes inclusive and sustainable growth in developing countries. Visit the DRIVE page for more information, or visit the programme's project database.