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Building hydrogen-fuelled partnerships

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Published on: 1 April 2021 | Changed on: 19 April 2021

A new guide promotes the Netherlands as a partner in hydrogen technology. It also showcases Dutch hydrogen companies looking for international collaborations and trade opportunities.

The world experiences an important energy transition. Shifting from an energy system based on fossil fuels to one based on renewable energy. Hydrogen plays a significant part in this change. The Netherlands seeks to build a global hydrogen economy through partnerships. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency co-created the Excelling in Hydrogen guide to illustrate this. Also involved were her partners FME, Topsector Energy and TKI-New Gas.

Promoting Dutch companies

The guide showcases Dutch companies with international track records in the hydrogen sector. As well as promoting these businesses as trustworthy partners in the industry. They are open to share and apply their knowledge and innovations with the sector.

Are you active in the hydrogen sector? Do you want to expand your business? Excelling in Hydrogen allows you to connect with Dutch hydrogen companies. It will create business opportunities for you. While helping the world transition to sustainable energy. 

Building partnerships in hydrogen

The Netherlands has a rich heritage in building partnerships at home and abroad. Dutch hydrogen ambitions and initiatives play a part in European policies and innovation programmes. As Europe’s first ‘hydrogen valley’, the Netherlands attracts foreign investors and tech companies. They see the country as a base for open innovation and business development. These added values give Dutch hydrogen companies an advantage in doing business abroad.

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