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Ask Jaap your water-related questions

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Meet Jaap Kroon, our Senior Project Advisor in Team Global Water Issues. Jaap and his team are committed to making an impact in developing and transitioning countries. They work with Dutch, international and local organisations. Through collaboration, they have achieved noticeable improvements on major social issues, such as poverty, inequality, climate adaptation, energy, health and humanitarian aid. Jaap answers 5 questions about what keeps him motivated in his job and how business owners can benefit from his knowledge.

1. Which challenge do you work on at RVO?

"My team and I try to contribute to increased water security by improving water management in developing countries. I work on sustainable transformations in water management through long-term cooperations with national and local governments, private organisations and NGOs. Next to this, I contribute to the Partners for Water subsidy scheme (PVW-IVWW). This programme supports the transfer of innovative knowledge, expertise and strength to increase water security in deltas, delta cities and river basins abroad."

2. What motivates you to do this work?

"I am aware that a large part of the world's population lives under difficult conditions. People in developing countries have limited opportunities to get out of poverty. That I can do something to change this is an important daily motivator for me. Even though my contribution may be small, I have the opportunity to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups.

Through the Partners for Water programme, we realise climate adaptation measures such as flood protection. This motivates me enormously."

3. How can business owners contact you for knowledge and advice?

"Innovative entrepreneurs can contact me via email or telephone for advice on all kinds of water topics. For example, I can help with the available subsidy programmes, and questions on project proposals for a feasibility study or a pilot project for the upcoming Partners for Water subsidy round.

I am also happy to share my knowledge on delta cooperations in Mozambique. Entrepreneurs can contact me about the dos and don’ts of doing business in Mozambique, too."

4. More specifically, what questions can entrepreneurs come to you for?

"I can help entrepreneurs that are interested in applying for a subsidy from the Partners for Water programme. I can answer questions about the degree of innovation of the technique, service or approach. Or the conditions that apply to the participation of consortium partners.

I can also help answer questions about potential partners in the target countries. As a team, we try to be as informed as we can on all countries. If not, we can always liaise with private sector development (PSD) coaches, business development (BD) coaches, other RVO specialists and embassies."

5. In your opinion, what makes a project successful?

"A successful project on integrated water resource management involves cooperation between relevant Dutch parties, local institutes, local private parties, NGOs and knowledge institutes. Another element in the formula for success, is being where the action is taking place. Only by being present can you understand the local needs. To make sure your project aligns with the social, cultural and economic situation, go and connect with local stakeholders!

What truly makes a project a success, in my opinion, is when biodiversity and ecosystems are not harmed. In an ideal world, the project even helps restore them. Projects like these motivate me to keep up the work I do with my team."

Water-related questions

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