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Kara Energy Systems is a worldwide leading company in the development and production of turnkey biomass combustion installations to generate green energy. The company creates added value for the wood processing industry by using wood as a fuel.

Kara Energy Systems is also active with developing tailor-made green energy solutions and producing biomass installations specially for the process. In this case the waste will primarily be used as biomass fuel.To realise the best solutions for our customers we can rely on a very skilled and driven team of people, over a 100 years of experience and can we meet emission levels required all over the world.

Wood waste combustion

A sustainable alternative for fossil fuels in South Africa. For an outsourcer in South Africa Kara Energy Systems developed a tailor made solution and installed an 10 bar, 2.8 ton/hr steam, 2.1 MW wood waste combustion installation. With the high and rising costs of fossil fuels in South Africa it is very interesting to look for alternative fuels. The beneficial use under optimal conditions of this biomass achieves savings in fossil fuel, is carbon neutral and socially responsible. Because the boiler is self-modulating.

The complete installation will be profitable in approximately 2.5 years.

Success factors

• Green energy
• No full time boiler operator needed
• Fast payback time
• Furnace can handle different sizes of wood
• Furnace can handle from very dry to very wet fuel in the same furnace


• It is difficult to get these projects financed because investors and banks are unfamiliar to the potential of biomass.
• Find biomass within a reasonable distance of end user.

More information?

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