DTIF facilitates Pelican Worldwide's international ambitions

Pelican worldwide shakes hands on DTIF deal

Pelican Worldwide is a global manufacturer and supplier of tank container valves. With a loan from the Dutch Trade and Investment Fund (DTIF), the company has been able to relocate and expand its China-based production plant.

‘Transport of chemical liquids is subject to strict regulation’, says Pelican Worldwide CEO Cynthia van de Moosdijk. ‘To ensure the safety of transports, globally certified valves that prevent chemical leakage are mandatory on all tank containers.’

China a main market

Pelican Worldwide enjoys a strong reputation and has been a long-time supplier to foreign markets. Among its main markets is China, ‘which has a large concentration of tank manufacturers and end users’, Van de Moosdijk explains. ‘However, our current plant in Cixi doesn't have the capacity needed. Since there are virtually no other suppliers of certified valves, our customers have been calling for us to expand for years now.’

New production site

Pelican Worldwide wanted to open a new and larger production site. ‘The existing plant had insufficient room for expansion’, Van de Moosdijk continues. ‘Also, it's difficult to source good, trained metalworkers in the Cixi region. So now we're building a production plant in Wuxi, where there is a big pool of highly skilled technical professionals.’

New jobs

Once this factory starts production in the course of 2018, it will feed into the company's revenue growth. And, says Van de Moosdijk, ‘it will create 60 new full-time jobs in China, plus three in the Netherlands for the production of several key parts. Working conditions at the new plant will also be much better because the modern machines emit less particulate matter, produce less waste material and are less noisy.’

Perfect solution

The new production site was made possible through a loan from the DTIF. This scheme is administered by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ‘Without this loan, we would not have been able to invest in a new factory’, emphasises Van de Moosdijk. ‘For us, the DTIF provided the perfect solution.’

More information

For more information on the DITF see Dutch Trade and Investment Fund.

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