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Dutch clothing manufacturer uses own breed of goat for sustainable production

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Sogoodtowear from Rotterdam manufactures and sells cashmere clothing from Nepal. The collection is fair, sustainable and animal- friendly. Down to the very fibres: Sogoodtowear uses its Nepalese breed of goat to manage the entire chain.

Sogoodtowear is remarkable in many ways. It is not a company; it is a cooperative. The members are Dutch designers and sales associates alongside Nepalese spinners and weavers. Together they produce high-quality jumpers and shirts: 100% cashmere, 100% Fair Trade. That is unique in the world.

Wool production

"The only thing we do not make ourselves is the wool," said co-founder Fons Burger. "It comes from China. And even though we work with certificates, it is difficult to verify suppliers there with respect to Fair Trade, which is why we plan to produce wool in Nepal using our own goats."

Australian goats

The problem with Nepalese goats is that they have very little, if any, wool. Consequently, Sogoodtowear set up a breeding programme. "We brought 6 Australian goats to Nepal because they produce enough wool. When we cross them several times with Nepalese goats, the result is a new native breed that is very suitable."

Pre-financing with International Financing

In 2022, there will be enough animals for Sogoodtowear to establish dedicated farms. "Until then, we will not get anything out of this investment. Fortunately, we were able to make use of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency International Financing scheme. Pre-financing enabled us to transport the Australian goats and start the breeding programme." Sogoodtowear is helping employment in Nepal with the chain organisation, from goat to jumper. The company trains employees and contributes to animal welfare.

New loan

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency International Financing offers a stepping stone to something big. "Our dream is to have 250 farms by 2030. About 1,000 families will be earning a good living from the 'soft gold' from our goats. To kickstart this dream, we are once again teaming up with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. This time for a loan, which we will be able to repay with profits from the cooperative."

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The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) is part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency International Financing. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Read more about DGGF.

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