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Dutch fund improves Senegalese food chain

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The Dutch farm Franzen exports potatoes and onions to West Africa, among other things. To respond to a growing demand, the company is now starting an arable farm in Senegal with the help of the Dutch Good Growth Fund. This ensures food security and food safety in the region.

Dutch knowledge and expertise is of great value in the cultivation and processing of potatoes and onions. With its arable farm in Senegal, Franzen Afrika BV contributes to food supply, employment and knowledge transfer.

Building from the ground up

It is not just enough to set up an arable farm. Local employees will be recruited and receive training in cultivating, harvesting, packaging and ensuring the hygiene of the products. They will learn to grow vegetables according to European standards, after which they can also apply this knowledge to their own crops.

Local involvement through local employment

The investment will ensure local involvement through the creation of more than 200 jobs, the majority of which will be filled by women.

Local production for regional consumption

Potatoes and onions will be grown on approximately 100 hectares of land. The onions grown in Senegal will be stored locally. Investment in cold storage facilities helps guarantee the quality of the onions and potatoes for longer.

Expansion in Senegal partly thanks to the DGGF

In order to set up the production location in Senegal, the arable farm has obtained financing from the principal banker as well as from the government. This investment has been made possible thanks to a loan from the Dutch Good Growth Fund and a guarantee to the principal banker on the loan provided by it.

The Dutch government encourages businesses to share their knowledge and skills with developing countries. The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) helps Dutch entrepreneurs set up businesses in developing countries and emerging markets by providing them with funding or insurance against credit risks. Senegal is one of the countries that is eligible for DGGF funding for Dutch entrepreneurs.

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