Mexican energy market holds untapped potential for Dutch enterprise

Natural gas production at Slochteren's Eemskanaal site

During the Mexico-Netherlands Strategic Programme for Energy Executives Training (EET) organised for the first time last year, Dutch companies discovered that offering traineeships for Mexican managers can open the door to valuable knowledge about the Mexican energy market. The EET is gearing up for a second edition in 2018. Registration for companies is now open.


In 2013 the Mexican government passed constitutional reforms with far-reaching effects, repealing state-controlled companies' traditional monopoly on energy. “Since then, commercial operators have invested more than 50 billion dollars in the energy sector, in both new pipelines and green energy”, says Sebastiaan Schuite of Mexico-based firm Fermaca. “The Netherlands has taken only a marginal interest. Yet, given Dutch industry's knowledge and experience of market liberalisation, I feel that's a missed opportunity.”

Sharing knowledge

Fermaca's activities in Mexico centre mainly on large-scale transport of natural gas. According to Schuite, who is the Business Development Manager there, Dutch and Mexican companies alike could profit from sharing knowledge on energy-related issues. That was what motivated him to take part in the EET last year. “The programme gave us an inside look at the mechanisms of the natural gas network which is Dutch and partly German”, he explains. “Personally, I learned a great deal about the management and especially the commercial operations of gas transport companies.”


“Mexico is still highly dependent on natural gas from Texas”, Schuite continues, “and faces various challenges when it comes to things like fluctuation in demand and storage at times when demand is low. For issues like these, we could really benefit from Dutch knowledge and technology.”

Identifying opportunities

Mexico is often negatively portrayed in the news, and though incidents certainly do occur, it has created a skewed image of the country. That's a shame, says Schuite, because at 47 times the size of the Netherlands and with a population of 127 million people, Mexico is a land of big opportunities for Dutch businesses.

“Companies like Damen, Witteveen+Bos and Van Oord have already demonstrated the vast potential of doing business in Mexico. The EET programme offers an excellent way to identify what those opportunities are, by enabling them to acquire a wealth of information at relatively low cost in a short time.”

About EET

The Mexico-Netherlands Strategic Programme for Energy Executives Training (EET) is a programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, administered by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( in coordination with a consortium of Global Gas Networks Initiative (GGNI), Energy Delta Institute (EDI) and Marstrat.


Registration for the EET training programme is now open. Find out more about the Mexico-Netherlands Strategic Programme for Energy Executives Training (EET).


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