New ideas for cooperation between Mexico and the Netherlands developed at EET 2018

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The Mexican energy market is rapidly developing. The Gulf of Mexico has become a global hot spot for the oil and gas industry, whereas there are also many opportunities in the strongly developing Mexican market for renewable energy solutions. The Dutch government recognises the large potential of the Mexican energy market and promotes cooperation between Mexican and Dutch businesses operating in the energy sector by organising the Mexican-Netherlands Strategic Programme for Energy Executives Training (EET). A group of 15 Mexican executives visited the Netherlands in September 2018, participating in the second edition of EET.

EET 2018

During EET 2018, the Mexicans learnt more about the Unique Selling Points (USPs) of the Dutch energy sector and the way to do business with Dutch people. The primary task of the Mexican participants was to look for a Dutch business, knowledge or government partner. To prepare for their meetings with potential Dutch partners, the Mexicans developed a business canvas and a clear short pitch.

The three-week programme

The Mexican participants where extremely positive about the programme and stated: “Participating in the programme was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” During the three-week programme, the participants learnt more about topics like the way Dutch energy market is organised, and the strong focus on energy transition in the Netherlands. The EET programme in the Netherlands started with plenary sessions; top level lecturers and business experts provided an interesting view on the Dutch energy market. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and HSE (Health Safety and Environment) were a few of the topics that were discussed.

‘Direct’ Dutch way

Getting acquainted with the Dutch business culture is also an important part of the EET. Dutch businesses people for example tend to be quite direct in communication compared to their Mexican counterparts. Presenting their pitch to Dutch partners proved to be an interesting way for the Mexicans to learn to present their ideas in a more ‘direct’ Dutch way.

The participants were able to meet numerous Dutch energy companies, government bodies and highly innovative research centers like RDM Innovation Dock in Rotterdam and Entrance in Groningen. The discussions on a mix of energy related topics with their Dutch hosts, proved to be enlightening for both parties.

Ideas for future cooperation

In the EET programme the participants generated many ideas for future cooperation. For example:
•    launching innovative Dutch charging systems for electric vehicles in Mexico;
•    cooperation between the Mexican Ministry of Energy (SENER) and RVO in the field of promoting investments in the energy sector;
•    combine enhanced oil recovery with renewable energy production.

The EET is a programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme is a result of the MoU that the Netherlands and Mexico signed to encourage the cooperation between the Mexican and Dutch energy sector.

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