A Public Private Partnership for water for 80,000 people in the Philippines

A Public Private Partnership for water for 80.000 people in the Philippines

Without potable water and clean toilets, poor people will remain vulnerable to other forms of disaster. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), throughout its Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is funding a five-year water supply project that will benefit 80,000 of the most vulnerable people in the Metro Cebu of the Philippines.

Eau et Vie, Vitens Evides International work together with the Red Cross and the local government to improve hygiene and accessibility of clean drinking water. Next to hygiene training, households are connected on the water supply network.

They pay for water daily, instead of over long terms. This creates a sustainable business case and makes water affordable for everyone, also for people living in the slums.

Economic independence for local women

Women’s economic independence is a priority for the Dutch government. This also gets specific attention in this project, as it creates stable long-term jobs for many local women.

Do you want to know more about this project? Watch this video (20 October 2016) or find more on AIDDATA.


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