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Solar panels for reliable health care in Senegal

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In some regions in Senegal, there is a shortage of reliable electricity. The Dutch government has agreed to install solar panels on the roofs of 120 health centres. As a result, more than 1.6 million people can now rely on their local health care centre.

Le Bassin Arachidier is one of the most challenging areas in Senegal. It consists of the regions Diourbel, Fatick, Kaffrine and Kaolack. The people there make a living from peanut farming and tourism, among other things. Rural areas such as these are not connected to the electricity grid. Because of a shortage of electricity, health care in these areas is not always available.

Maternity clinics and health care

The solar panels will be an important source of energy, which in turn will lead to reliable health care. As the health centres also serve as maternity clinics, many mothers and infants will enjoy the improvement as well. The project will also relieve the pressure on health care centres in Senegal after the coronavirus pandemic. This will have a positive effect on 10% of the Senegalese population. A sustainable solution in difficult times

Support from ORIO

The Netherlands and Senegal signed the agreement for solar panels in November 2020. This is an expansion of the ongoing subsidy programme ORIO. ORIO stands for the Facility for Infrastructure Development. As part of this programme, the Dutch government pays 100% of the costs of the solar energy project. Infrastructure programmes from the Dutch government help developing countries to build public infrastructure. ORIO no longer accepts new applications, but we are completing ongoing projects.

Infrastructure programmes

The follow-up programmes for development-related infrastructure projects are Develop2Build (D2B) and DRIVE. These programmes help business owners and governments to build public infrastructure in developing countries.

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