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Clean and safe cooking for refugees in Kenya

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Published on: 17 December 2020 | Changed on: 13 January 2021

Kakuma and Kalobeyei in Northern Kenya host about 200,000 refugees. But, the communities lack safe and affordable cooking facilities. The Endev Market Based Energy Access (MBEA) project offers help. MBEA aims to deliver clean, safe and affordable cooking solutions via a market approach. As part of this project, SNV established a local stove production unit in Kakuma. These stoves are a better alternative to the traditional fuel-intensive cooking devices used in the area.

Project with a purpose

Traditional cooking methods often result in health and safety risks and high costs. They are also harmful to the environment. The MBEA project and the local stove production unit have made safe stoves more available on the local market. Locally recruited and trained artisans from the refugee and host community are now making the new stoves. This also creates opportunities for skills development and employment. To sell the stoves, SNV handed over the management to a private sector company.

Project with more benefits

The project has trained 65 artisans and has sold over 1,800 stoves to local distributors. They sell the stoves to the refugee and host community households. Recently, the stove production unit started making large stoves. Small restaurants in the camp and Kakuma town use these stoves.

This is a commercial approach. The stove producers and distributors make money producing and selling the stoves. Refugees spend money buying the stoves. This market approach is characteristic of EnDev's method.

Project partners

SNV is supporting this EnDev Market Based Energy Project. SNV is one of the implementing partners of the global Energising Development (EnDev) programme. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency carries out EnDev together with the German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The Netherlands Enterprise Agency does this on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.