Creative Twinning project Music Connects brings together young people in Kosovo and Macedonia

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Creative twinning musis connects

Gepubliceerd op: 10 September 2018 | Gewijzigd op: 10 September 2018

Through music education and concerts, the Music Connects project creates a connection between young people from ethnically divided cities in Kosovo and Macedonia. Dutch and local organisations will be joining forces to promote the active involvement of local young people in a shared culture. Fontys Rock Academy is supporting them in this process.

Music Connects is the first project to be launched with a contribution from the Creative Twinning subsidy scheme established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here, cultural activities pave the way for social innovation and cohesion.

Musical connections

Music Connects provides an innovative education for rock music as well as recording and sound engineering in Mitrovica, Skopje and the surrounding areas. In order to bridge the existing ethnic gaps, the collaborating organisations provide ethnically mixed education, bands, studio recordings and concerts.
Musicians without Borders is the driving force behind Music Connects. This organisation focuses on the social connection and participation of young people through state-of-the-art rock music education, production and promotion. Young musicians play a pioneering role here.

Cultural collaboration via Creative Twinning

The Creative Twinning subsidy scheme at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is making € 5.2 million available for long-term alliances between Dutch and foreign cultural organisations. Through Creative Twinning, these organisations are given the opportunity to apply their expertise and knowledge to projects in countries on the outer borders of the EU.

More information

Collaborations between cultural non-profit organisations and companies with a cultural profile are eligible for grants. Applications close at 12:00 on 31 August. Read more about the terms and conditions of Creative Twinning.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( is administering the subsidy scheme.


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