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E-zine Women in Business gives the floor to Dutch women entrepeneurs

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Published on: 5 March 2020 | Changed on: 08 March 2020

Today on International Women’s Day, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency is proud to present its annual Gender e-zine Women in Business 2020! 

The Dutch government is committed to gender equality and women’s empowerment. In our Gender e-zine, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency shows how its international programmes are improving the economic position of women. 

‘Beyond Borders’ campaign

Companies that do business internationally are often more productive, innovative and successful. In the Netherlands, there is a lot of untapped potential among women entrepreneurs who have ambitions to export. This edition will highlight the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s ‘Beyond Borders’ campaign, in which Dutch women entrepreneurs are encouraged to actively broaden their horizons, explore international markets, and do business abroad. 

Encouraging women’s entrepreneurship 

The Dutch government also supports women’s entrepreneurship further afield, by creating decent jobs for women in developing countries. For instance by supporting women coffee farmers in Uganda and Kenya to become part of the global value chain of coffee. And by providing Egyptian women with the tools they need to market their high-quality embroidery and export it to Europe.  

In short, download our e-zine Women in Business for beautiful and inspiring stories that are worth reading!