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Empowering the Feed Sector in Kenya

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Published on: 14 October 2020 | Changed on: 14 October 2020

FeedTechKenya is a group of Kenyan and Dutch parties, active in the feed value chain. The group has finalised its feed market study. The results of the study are interesting. With the results, the group has started running tests with demonstration equipment. And, the study on alternative protein resources has begun. FeedTechKenya has selected 6 Kenyan millers for the feed production training session.

Kenyan feed sector

The livestock sector in Kenya is developing at a fast pace. The demand for protein-based food is increasing due to, for example, population growth and changing consumption patterns. The development of the livestock sector is restricted by the slower development of the animal feed sector.  
The development of the livestock and aquaculture sectors depends on the availability and quality of feed. But, the feed sector cannot keep up with the pace of the livestock sector because of:

  • a lack of raw materials,
  • limited availability of new feed protein sources,
  • low transport and storage practices in the feed supply chain,
  • poor feed production practices,
  • insufficient feed quality testing, and
  • poor feed application practices.

Innovation, development and growth

The parties involved will focus on more than the traditional feed production and application methods. Innovative feed composed of insects will also get a prominent role in this project. Ingrid Korving, Agricultural Counsellor of the Netherlands Embassy in Nairobi, points out the importance of FeedTechKenya: “We identified the need for a feed-sector based project, and are very happy with this initiative in Kenya. The livestock and aquaculture sector contribute over USD 3.1 billion to the Kenyan economy. It is important to help the growth of such an important sector by tackling the issues in the feed sector.”


FeedTechKenya is made up of the following partners:

  • Aeres Training Centre International,
  • Almex Extrusion Techniques,
  • Ottevanger Milling Engineers,
  • Unga Farm Care ltd,
  • Insectipro, and
  • Nutreco Africa.

Larive International and Lattice Consulting coordinate the partnership. FeedTechKenya organises studies, performs demonstrations, and transfers knowledge and expertise, all to develop the Kenyan feed sector as a whole. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Agricultural Counsellor of the Netherlands Embassy in Kenya approved of FeedTechKenya in 2019. The project receives funding from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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