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Gepubliceerd op: 25 October 2018 | Gewijzigd op: 25 October 2018

To honour European frontrunners in the field of energy efficiency, the European Energy Service Initiative will bestow the European Energy Service Award (EESA) for the eleventh time.

The Award will be bestowed in three categories: Best Energy Service Promoter, Best Energy Service Provider and Best Energy Service Project

Energy Service Companies

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) will be awarded in the Category Best Energy Service Provider, if they positively managed to influence the market by introducing new products and through their willingness to take risks in developing the market. Up to three outstanding projects will be awarded in the Best Energy Service Project category. The emphasis will be placed on environmentally friendly, innovative and custom-built projects.

A jury of international experts will select the award winners. The prizes will be awarded to the winners in a high-level awarding ceremony to be held in Brussels at the beginning of 2019.


BEA, coordinator of the EU project "guarantEE” accepts applications starting now until 15 January 2019. The application documents can be downloaded from the webpage of “guarantEE”

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