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Business opportunities in Brazilian airport sector

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The Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG) invites you to take part in the Q&A webinar session on 22 September, 16:00 - 17:00 CEST. This Q&A will focus on business opportunities in the Brazilian airport sector.

The session is for Dutch companies and knowledge centres. Explore the business opportunities Brazilian airports have to offer. Engage in the events and activities from the economic, diplomatic network in Brazil. And discuss the recently launched market study with Mr Marcelo Cantor, aerospace consultant.


15:45GoToMeeting Room available
16:05Review of the current opportunities in Brazilian Airports by Mr Marcelo Cantor
16:20Review of the upcoming activities and support by Mr Jörgen Leeuwestein from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Brazil
17:00End of session


Why take part?

Brazil has the largest economy and the largest air transport market of Latin America. The size of Brazil makes aviation essential to connect with all its regions. Decades of low investments have resulted in outdated airports. Brazil has been outsourcing these airports to the private sector for the last 10 years. This had created an attractive market for suppliers and investors in the aviation industry. So far, Brazil has granted 22 airports to private groups. Another 43 airports are up for auction within the next 2 years. This makes Brazil the most significant source for business in the airport industry in the short term.


In May 2020, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Brasilia released a report on airport development in Brazil. Read the report written by Mr Marcelo Cantor.

More recently, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch Embassy have started a public-private partnership for Sustainable Airport Development in Brazil. This programme aims to bring together companies and research institutes that will engage with the Brazilian market for 3 years.

We will organise the following activities to prepare for long-term commitment:

  • October 2020: Dutch Brazilian Video Conference, with the participation of the Brazilian Ministry of Infrastructure, explaining past and future airports concessions
  • January 2021: Dutch Brazilian webinar to prepare the Fact-Finding mission
  • April 2021: Fact-Finding Mission to Brazil  
  • July 2021: Technical visit from Brazilian governmental agencies, concession holders and companies to the Netherlands.

Contact information

Please contact Mrs Liselotte Zoetmulder if you have any questions.